With BRAILLE MUSIC2021 you can do amazing things

Braille Music2021

Write music in Braille with 6 keys of the keyboard
You can listen to your music
You can share it, transform it into a graphic format,
Import from graphic format to Braille!
For Windows 10!

SUPPPORT OUR ASSOCIATION GIUSEPPE PACCINI to continue the development of the BME program, and to reduce the cost of sale for all blind musicians in the world


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What is Braille Music 2021?

BM2021 Braille Music 2021, is a new tool allowing blind musicians (amateurs or professionals) to write music scores, to check, to correct, to print or to emboss them all by themselves. Music writing follows the rules of the New International Manual of Braille Music Notation. The music score can be checked in various ways, through the screen-reader speech output pronouncing musical elements, through the MIDI sound or on the Braille display. Once the score is complete, it can be exported in MusicXML and visualised with Finale, Sibelius or lots of other traditional  music programs, that are able to support this format and finally it can be exported in a ready-to-print text format or directly printed for sight people (teacher or colleague).

Help us with a donation
to allow us to develop the BM2021 program at an affordable price

The  Not profit Association “Giuseppe Paccini” based in Italy, has developed a program for write Music in Braille for blind children called Braille Music 2021.

Why do I talk about this programs? Because it is useful, well studied, significant, but because of the limited number of users, it is a programs that can not be born by large companies, there is no economic interest to develop these products. We were able to accomplish it, to keep it current and to improve it more and more from 2000 to date. Now, we can not go on, our Association has no resources to pay programmers to continue its development.

So here, I’m asking you to support this project. The known purpose is to keep the cost of the program low, lower and lower as we receive donations, with a goal (perhaps utipian) to even distribute it for free if we could receive sufficient donations. With your donations we will be able to continue for the next few years to keep it updated to improve it more and more, guaranteeing a useful product for everyone, in all schools and institutions where there are blind music students.

You can download and try this program, in order to realize its quality.
On the first page you can see a video presentation on the importance of studying music for the blind.

Thanks in advance for your contribution and best regards


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With BM2021 you can do amazing things

The best software for Braille music! Music can be saved, printed, exported to MusicXML and viewed with Finale, Sibelius and many other graphic music programs. BME follows the rules of the New International Braille Music Notation Manual. Writing takes place with 6 keys of the PC and can be controlled with the voice of the screen reader (Jaws or NVDA) which verbalizes the musical elements, via MIDI or with the Braille line


This page will contain links to BMML files, that can be downloaded for further processing using Bralle Music 2021. Files will be available in short time, according to our workplan. If someone wants to share his work he can contact us.