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Associazione Giuseppe Paccini ETS

Via Bonino da Campione, 17
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BME2.4 is part of a context of research and modernization of teaching methods in favor of schools, from primary to secondary level II, in order to promote and improve the teaching of music and, consequently, the revitalization in terms of literacy Braille through a multisensory approach.

MUS4VIP European Project

A project for the preservation of braille culture and the revival of musical studies for blind students


Develop instruments in order to preserve Braille music files

eBrass Eu Project

We are aware that the market in which we operate is niche, as it is addressed to blind people and specifically to the subgroup of those who study music.

4 Why us?

The big industry is not interested in investing capital for such small numbers.

Our history

In 1994 a group of music education teachers and special pedagogy experts, created a non-profit research and development association in order to carry out an ambitious project: a braille music editor for blind people. The editor should have recognized the musical text written in Braille, to facilitate reading (with vocal synthesis and Braille line), listening, and the conversion and exchange of musical information with fellow blind or sighted musicians. The project called “PLAY” was financed by the European Commission and ended successfully in 1996 with the creation of a software, called Braille Music Editor (acronym BME). Subsequently the program was updated several times becoming BME 2.4. Since then it has become the international reference program for blind musicians who want to read, write, listen and learn music.

Meet Our Creative Team

Giuseppe Nicotra

Music braille expert

Gianni Bertoni

Music braille expert​


Daniele Tomezzoli

Music programmer


Anna Nicotra

Music braille expert​


Enrico Bortolazzi

Music programmer